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By Kevin Bruce · October 1st, 2008 · News
Erica Heimbrock
Junior, Fashion Design-Product Development

Q: What are the campus issues people are talking about?
Sustainability seems to be an issue on campus. Senator elections were during Spring quarter and everyone running’s [sic] platform was providing a green, sustained campus. Also, every DAAP major has an eco-friendly project like this summer the sophomores in fashion design had to create a dress made of ecofriendly fabrics.

Q: What are the best and worst parts about your school?
The best part of UC is living in Clifton and being able to walk or ride my bike to school. The worst part is having to walk by the frats.

Q: What’s the political scene like on campus?
Well, Barack Obama came to speak at UC. It was pretty exciting. In DAAP, everyone is pretty much a liberal. It’s rare for someone to be a conservative.

Alyssa Elizabeth Craig
Junior, Business and Marketing Major

Q: Is diversity respected at your campus?
Diversity is definitely respected.

We have all types of people around here. I actually just saw a boy in a skirt trouncing around near campus.

Q: How healthy is your campus?
Well, all the food on campus is unhealthy — Wendy’s, Gold Star, Pizza Hut — and it’s really common for someone right behind you to be eating a personal pan pizza during class, especially when you’re starving.

Q: Are safe sex, GLBT issues and date rape discussed on campus?
I took a heath class and these issues were all discussed and tested, so we talk about them. Oh, and the Pure Romance parties (sex toy marketing parties) are pretty popular and informative.

Joe McFadden
Senior, French Major

Q: Where are the best places to unwind around campus?
Rohs Street Café is pretty good. They have “direct trade” coffee, which is a step up from “fair trade.” I’m always down at Clifton Natural Foods. There’s some pretty gnarly people there.

Q: What do students know about your campus that outsiders don’t?
Cincinnati is one of the first major cities to have fluoridated water, and the files and documentation are kept at Langsam Library or somewhere on campus. It’s pretty interesting. There’s a lot of weird files kept on campus. I think Procter & Gamble was behind some of the first fluoridated toothpaste. There’s also a greenhouse in Rieveschl (Hall on campus) that has plant sales twice a year.

Q: What’s the cyber culture like on your campus?
I guess you see a lot of those people who like to use wireless outside. And then there’s what I like to refer to as the Magic Gathering Table at Tangemen Center. They always have their computers up, probably cataloguing who beat who with some stupid card.



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