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Art: Manifest Creative Research Gallery

By Steve Rosen · October 1st, 2008 · CityBeat Recommends
Manifest Creative Research Gallery: Where did Petra Kralickova find all that black sand in Ohio? That’s one of the questions you’ll ask about her mysterious and beautiful sculptural installation “Inquietude” at Manifest Gallery in East Walnut Hills through Oct. 24. Neat circles of that sand spread out on the gallery floor, surrounding long, suspended whisk broom-like lines that drop down from funnel-like shapes, reminiscent of jellyfish or other exotic sea creatures.

The room is bathed in sunset red; the effect is of visiting a different realm. Jacques Costeau would have liked this show by the Czech-born Athens, Ohiobased artist. So will you. Also appealing is the second show in the rear gallery, Kathy A. Moore’s almost-Cubist black-and-white drawings. Manifest is at 2727 Woodburn Ave. Visit www.manifestgallery.com for information.



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