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Lauren Wells

Inside Artists Heads

By Tamera Lenz Muente · September 23rd, 2008 · Articulations

Painter Lauren Wells says, “self-investigation is a bi-product of my painting process. Through her work, she tries to better understand the motivations behind the external self. “Typically, my stern gaze becomes the focus,” she says. Wells specializes in life-size self-portraits, two of which are on view until the end of the month at the Artisan’s Enterprise Center, 25 W. Seventh St., Covington (www.covingtonarts.com). Here are five things that inspire her:

Learning. There is always something to learn. I do not think that I will ever know so much that I will lose the nervous excitement of starting a new painting with the hope of improving from the last.


I am certainly drawn to color. I tend to be amazed by the way light hits a form and changes my color palette.

Form. The process of studying a figure to find its weight and structure, anchoring the figure to its location and finding the visual connection between the two mesmerizes me.

Other artists. I am curious about other artists’ processes and intrigued by the way they create meaning in their work. Take Cezanne, who professed to just look for days before beginning to paint, or Jenny Saville, who marvels us with her giant fleshy bodies that exude despair. I am fascinated by how differently painters approach painting.

Non-verbal communication. Some of the most intensely connected moments I have had with someone else have been moments in complete quietness when you can understand perfectly with the body and eyes and no words.

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