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Jeffrey Cortland Jones

By Tamera Lenz Muente · August 20th, 2008 · Articulations

Jeffrey Cortland Jones revels in the physical activity of creating a painting and in the endless design possibilities of the grid. He builds his work in layers -- some pristine and some scraped, burned or otherwise damaged -- completed by a polished surface that offers glimpses of the structure beneath. See his recent work at the Weston Art Gallery (through Aug. 31). Here are a few things that inspire Jones' ordered paintings.

My wife and children. They are the reason, they make all this possible. They ground me yet open everything up, they give me clarity and insight as well as purpose and necessity.

Other painters. Robert Ryman, Brice Marden, Blinky Palermo, David Reed, Joseph Marioni, Alan Ebnother, Kim Krause, Paige Williams, Frank Herrmann, Terry Corbin, Joseph Winterhalter and Ron Buffington. Always.

Color. In particular green and white. It's about attempting to present color in a viable and stimulating manner. I love to see what happens when green gets pushed to almost white or blue or red. White as it shifts to black or orange.

Teaching foundations to college freshman. I thrive on the challenge and comprehension of how order, form, tension, composition, balance, light and chance work as a unified and cohesive whole and how that becomes a constant reminder for me in the studio to consider what we usually take as a given. The best part is the moment of epiphany when the student "gets it," when they "see" something for the first time.

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