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Roses and Onions

By Readers · August 20th, 2008 · Letters
Roses to Margo Pierce and Natalie Hager for the photo essay on the YWCA battered women's shelter ("Shelter Is Protection," issue of Aug 13). Though the effort to protect endangered women's lives is more than three decades old, it is always important to remind the public that these houses are available and, sadly, that they're still very necessary.

Onions to Danny Cross (Worst Week Ever!, issue of July 30), who left out the name of the Democratic candidate for whom Gov. Ted Strickland appointed her incumbent opponent to a new state insurance job. He lists her as a strong Democratic candidate (right), an Air Force veteran (right) and not an elitist (right, again) but left out her name and gender. It's Connie Pillich!

CityBeat ran stories about Pillich in 2006 when she barely lost the race for the 28th district (Forest Park east to Montgomery). She should be in your archives!

-- Kathy Helmbock, Oakley

It All Worked Out
Larry Gross' "Babies and Strollers" column (issue of Aug. 13) rings close to my heart. I think this topic needs more print, and I thank you.

I became pregnant at 17.

Most of my family encouraged parenting, and my boyfriend was loving. I've seen a few friends raise their babies, but I wasn't ready.

Throughout the nine months I was pregnant I listened to a lot of advice, but all along I knew I was giving this child up. Friends would still say, "I know you'd be such a good mom" and that I was going to change my mind once I held him. Luckily I graduated high school a semester early. All I wanted was not to worry -- just find someone to adopt the baby and everything would be great.

All that mattered to me was that this child be in a good home with a secure foundation, but that's such a complex thing. I wanted a good family, a father who would be there and be a good example. I wanted a mature and good-natured mother with lots of time and patience.

It all worked out. My cousin who I visited with at Christmas visited her old neighbor friend afterwards and told her my situation. The neighbor girl's godmother and godfather were trying to adopt. Their moms talked, my aunt called and my baby has been their son ever since. I never have to worry, and everyone is better off.

I see these babies and strollers and think that could be me yelling at my own infant. Will I someday be a good parent? I hope I don't have to find out for a long time.

-- Jackie Eykholt, Oakley

Scared of Sex Education
I found Larry Gross' "Babies and Strollers" column (issue of Aug. 13) interesting, but he failed to bring up something that would stop unwelcome or unwanted children being brought into this world. It seems like our schools are scared of sex education.

Those women who are really babies themselves don't know how to protect themselves. My guess is that if you asked them what safe sex is they wouldn't have any idea.

-- Jay Charles, North Avondale

Abortion Is Wrong
Wow, did Larry Gross ever get it wrong in his Living Out Loud column this week ("Babies and Strollers," issue of Aug. 13). Babies and strollers in real life, not in his twisted view, are a wonderful thing. Abortion is wrong no matter how you look at it.

To suggest that women who get government checks to help them raise their children should abort those children shows how little Gross believes in saving a life. He also has no right to judge others or how they treat their children.

Here, try this on for size: Mind your own business.

-- Tanya Sales, Western Hills



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