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Carrie Nixon

By · August 6th, 2008 · Articulations
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Carrie Nixon's paintings and drawings are based in perception. Similar to a diary, they document a continuum of moments. Her subjects often include the human figure absorbed in thought or activity and frequently focus on the fleeting effects of color, light and movement. Catch a glimpse of her work in Exquisite Drawing at Dicere Gallery through Aug. 16, hours by appointment (513-541-3737). Here are a few things that inspire this prolific artist. (Tamera Lenz Muente)

Movement, especially individuals who are caught up in an activity such as painting a mural or ceiling, skateboarding, playing an instrument, etc.

I'm also mesmerized by the movement of clouds and water.

Color and colored light in the world, as well as color on my palette. I love mixing paint and exploring pigments and limited palettes.

Quotes, which I collect in the hope of acquiring wisdom and motivation. One of my favorites is from Peter Steinhart's The Undressed Art: Why We Draw: "Drawing the figure is a kind of exploration, a search for our own nature, our origins, our souls."

Daily painting blogs, to which artists post one work a day. I have subscribed to a number of these, which show up in my e-mail almost daily.

Children and dogs, who are spontaneous, open, playful and un-self-conscious -- these are all qualities which I would like to cultivate in my own life.

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