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Take the Local Music Challenge

By John Fox · August 6th, 2008 · Editorial
Do you know which two members of a long-running, still-active local band were name-checked on The X-Files? Which local guitarist/actor had a bit part in the Jodie Foster movie Little Man Tate? Or which local musician was given his nickname by Jazz giant Stan Kenton? Me neither.

But I do know which popular Country music pioneer recorded "Lovesick Blues" and other legendary tracks at the CityBeat building downtown back when it housed a studio. And I know which band won the Artist of the Year award at the inaugural Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in 1997. And I know Bootsy Collins' real first name.

I was blown away by the depth and breadth of the questions as I read Mike Breen's Cincinnati Music Trivia Challenge here . He covers just about every era, from Stephen Foster to Bad Veins, with healthy doses of King Records, '70s Soul, '80s Punk and '90s Hip Hop.

I know the local music scene is humungous, since CityBeat has published stories about area musicians for 14 years now and we've sponsored just about every music festival that's come along.

Still, sometimes it all becomes a blur when you're immersed in it every day.

Then you step back, as Mike has done, and come up with 100 questions (plus two extra credits), and the history of popular music in Cincinnati truly boggles the imagination.

Just don't get bummed out if you don't know all the answers. The part of my brain that stores trivia just isn't as active as it once was, and so -- unlike Mike apparently -- I struggled to come up with band names and song titles I should have known.

Have fun with the challenge, and use it to build your own knowledge of Cincinnati's rich musical history. (The answers here.) There are no deadlines, no winners and losers, no prizes.

Speaking of winners and local music, the Cincy Blues Society hosted a successful Blues Fest this past weekend at Sawyer Point downtown. The all-volunteer organization drew diverse, enthusiastic crowds for two days of live music, and with their 16th annual event the experience just keeps getting better.

Blues Society leaders report that they were especially excited about this year's AlternaBlues Stage, which had a great turnout for locals Jake Speed & the Freddies, Pearlene and Jon Justice. "Younger crowds" were the operative words.

The young folks were also present last Friday night at the official grand opening of the back room at Northside Tavern, one of the cornerstones of the local music scene. Congrats are in order for Ed Rush, who's built a beautiful addition to his bar featuring a permanent stage, sound booth and sound system.

Northside Tavern has long been a haven for local music fans (and CityBeat employees) since the bar books local bands throughout the week and never charges a cover. Along with The Comet and Gypsy Hut, the Tavern has created the city's best concentration of live local music in Northside.

Your next challenge: Go enjoy it.

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