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MidPoint Music Festival FAQs

By Mike Breen · August 13th, 2008 · Spill It
In just over a month, the streets of downtown and Over-the-Rhine (and one stage in Newport) will be jumping with local, regional, national and international musical artists as the annual MidPont Music Festival returns (Sept. 25-27). Here are some of the latest updates, in FAQ form.

You've been talking about this festival for months. When the hell can I get tickets?

Right now, dear impatient one. Wristbands that will get you into all three-days' worth of festival are available now for $29. Find a link to purchase at mpmf.com. Be aware to arrive early if there are specific "bigger" shows you want to see. If it sells out, the fire marshall won't let us cram in more people. (Bob Pollard and Mates of State should be especially hot tickets.)

Stages all over downtown? I'm lazy and can't walk far. At the very least, I don't want to map my itinerary out with "travel time" included. What the hell?

Settle down. Exercise is good for you! But we've got you covered. MidPoint is working with the fine folks trying to get a streetcar added to downtown for public transportation and the other fine folks with our sponsors, Scion. Scion is providing 20 XB Crossovers to shuttle music lovers to the different venue hubs. The vehicles will follow (and include maps of) the proposed streetcar route.

There are music venues downtown?

Yeah, smart ass.

The list of participating venues is at mpmf.com. Veteran MidPoint spaces like the Blue Wisp, Arnold's, Courtyard Café and Know Theater will be back and new venues like the Aronoff Center, The Subway, Buddakhan's, The Lodge Bar, Inner Peace Holistic Center, New Stage Collective, Cue, Below Zero Lounge and Coffee Emporium have signed on to host acts.

Who is playing this year?

Good lord, where have you been? You can check the full itinerary at mpmf.com. Some recent additions: Mates of State, The Sadies, local SubPop signee Daniel Martin Moore, London's Partyshank, Rosehips (a special woxy.com invitee), Jukebox the Ghost and Say Hi.

You keep saying MidPoint has an international scope. You just mean you have a couple of bands from Canada, right?

Actually, Ms. Know It All, MidPoint is featuring artists from China, England, Mexico, Israel and Australia. Oh, and Canada.

My favorite local band wasn't selected. Why can't you guys get the best local bands to play?

Cincinnati by far has the most acts appearing at the festival. Part of the changes to MidPoint since CityBeat has taken over management is that there are several "invited" bands (previously, you had to put in a submission to play). Along with the national, signed acts, we decided to invite some of the local artists who were nominated at last year's Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in the "Critical Achievement" categories (Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, New Artist of the Year). We are happy to announce that the following have accepted: Eat Sugar, 500 Miles to Memphis, Buffalo Killers, The Dan Karlsburg Group, Jon Justice, Joe Hedges and July for Kings, The Lions Rampant, The Read, The Seedy Seeds, The Chocolate Horse and Wussy.

You suck -- you didn't book the Heartless Bastards?!

We tried, but they're unable to attend.

I've heard of only one band playing and that's just because my cousin plays bass for them. How am I supposed to know who to go see?

The handy MidPoint guide -- with profiles of every artist performing -- will be made available a couple weeks earlier this year, giving you ample time to read up. Also, we will be rolling out the short profiles starting very soon on our music blog (blogs.citybeat.com/spill_it), with sound clips and video so you can make an even more informed decision.



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