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Hooray for the American League

By Readers · July 23rd, 2008 · Letters

BY Readers | Posted 07/23/2008

Thanks to Bill Peterson for his insightful analysis regarding American League dominance in baseball ("The American League Is Superior Thanks to the Yanks," issue of July 16). I'm 61 and suffered for decades during my youth as a die-hard AL fan. The ghosts of Johnny Callison have been exorcised!

When the NL turned the game on its head in the 1970s with artificial turf, it was OK. But the designated hitter somehow bastardizes the game in the view of the apparent sore losers from the NL?

-- Tom Briggs tom.briggs@skynet.be

Can You Imagine Eating That Much?
Larry Gross' column "Heavy Questions" (issue of July 16) was unkind to people who are overweight, but trying to be gentle about it probably wouldn't have gotten his point across and that point is well taken: Americans are overweight and nine times out of 10 it has nothing to do with a medical condition. It has to do with the kind of food we put in our stomachs and how much.

I especially enjoyed Gross' writing about buffets and people bragging about how much they eat.

I actually know some people who are banned from buffets because they eat too much -- so much that the restaurant loses money when they come in. Can you imagine?

-- Gina Flinton, Newport

Mean and Vile
Larry Gross says in his "Heavy Questions" column (issue of July 16) that he has no right to be judgmental about overweight people because he's a cigarette smoker.

That's where he should have stopped, because he doesn't have a right. But, of course, he continues on and has a good old time slamming people who have weight issues.

Gross attempted to be sly about it, but his words were mean and vile. He says he's never had weight issues. Well, many of us have, and he shouldn't write about something he knows nothing about.

-- Jen Ross, Westwood

Greenhills Is Moving Forward
Regarding Margo Pierce's article "Endangered Green" (issue of June 18), I'm a lifelong resident of Greenhills and am living in my second home here on the east side of Winton Road. My mother lives on the west side of Winton Road, as do my sister and her family. We've placed our bets and are here for the long haul.

The efforts of the Greenhills Historical Society have been commendable over the years, but in the last four years or so they seem to have developed an exaggerated sense of importance causing them to inject themselves into the government processes that run this village. They've made it their mission to challenge the village's redevelopment strategy and to attempt to use the media to rally support for their cause -- without much success.

I grew up here. I want my children to grow up here. It won't be possible for them to have the same safe and nurturing childhood if we don't do something to keep our village from falling into Section 8 hell.

I have confidence that our elected officials have kept the village's best interests in the front of their minds as they made and implemented the plans to transform our community into a thriving one while retaining what makes it special, which is more than some buildings from a bygone era.

Families are what makes it great. Families want and need homes that meet their needs, and that's what's being built. I support the village manager and council and I believe that if you dig below the Historical Society's alarmist claims you'll find a village full of residents who are cheering on the changes and are ready to move forward.

-- Chris Knight, Greenhills

And You're Ugly, Too
Defending your right to take adult services advertisements is definitely a slippery slope ("Publicity Stunt Targets CityBeat," issue of June 11). As males, you don't feel the need to be decent to females? There must be females you love and respect, so why not respect all females?

Believe it or not, Judgment Day is coming for everyone. When you print something that you wouldn't want printed about you, doesn't your conscience kick in?

Money, believe it or not, isn't everything. And I've noticed that unattractive men usually berate people.

-- Anonymous former CityBeat reader


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