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Back to School

Jake Speed -

By Jake Speed · August 23rd, 2006 · Speedy Delivery
Notes: Back in my day, back-to-school shopping meant a few No. 2 pencils, a Bic pen, and a packet of loose leaf paper. Nowadays, all the new technological school supplies have parents running scared when they hear the words "Back to school." Technology is supposed to create ease in our lives, but sometimes I wonder if it just muddles up everything to the point of insanity. Maybe we should go back to the old chalk and slate days.

Back to School - Click here to listen
by: Jake Speed


When I was a kid, we?d all get the blues

When we knew it was time to go back to school

We'd try to stretch the rest of the summer out

Our moms and dads would cheer and shout

But something?s changed, the tables have turned

Now the parents freak out when they hear the words

Back to School ? their mouths all drop

Back to School means Time to Shop

I need a cell phone, stereo, iMac, PC, WIFI, radio, DVD player

locker mate, laptop, etech backpack, mousepad, webcam, printer and Internet

HD TV, X-box, Hum V, satellite radio, fire wire, USB port

Gameboy, PDA, I?m going back to school.

I need a modem, a copier, a heart rate monitor, Digi Pet, head set, grahic calculator

fast tap key pad, website, credit card, a mini and a shuffle and a nano iPod

headphones, TiVo, satellite radio, computerized chalkboard, wireless keyboard

an open tab on Ebay, I?m going back to school

I need a pre-paid phone card, software, hardware, hard drive, flash drive, desk hutch, beanbag

Pen text scanner, digital planner, video handheld, Instant Messenger

MacBook, notebook, memory stick, Palm Pilot, stopwatch, podcast, antivirus

domain registry I?m going back to school

digital camera, handheld console, cordless telephone, Microsoft Office

a beeper, a shredder, AA batteries, scanners, clickers, a Chocolate, a Blackberry

a GPS tracker, a voice recorder, a sorter, an 8-track mini-disk recorder

soundsticks, Netflix, I?m going back to school.

Lava lamp, Ray Bans, docking station, Bobbleheads, camera phone, super sized cable

Flash reader, trapper keeper, earthcomber, camcorder, photo printer, CD burner, moped, Land Rover

Mountain bike, ten speed, Satellite TV, cell phone charger, books on CD

I love you Mom and Dad, and I'll also need cash.



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