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The Memories are Mine

Jake Speed -

By Jake Speed · June 28th, 2006 · Speedy Delivery

Notes: I dedicate this song to the victims of violence in the world, wherever they may live. I hope that one day, I'll never have to write a song like this.

The Memories are Mine -- Click Here to Listen


You may bomb the home where I was born Burn the fields I left behind You may raze my city down to dust But the memories are mine

You may place your pistol at my back Bind my hands with your twine You may take the freedom from my feet But my memories are mine

I'll be home wherever I may lie Safe and sound inside my unlocked mind I'll be home wherever I may lie For the memories are mine

You may wash away my sacred sand Erase my footprint from the line You may lay my body down to die But the memories are mine.



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